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September Adventures!


Kids Club

Time: 10AM
Dates: September 1st
Location: Splash pad (near Build-A-Bear and Vans)

This kids club will be jam-packed with word puns, rhyming games, and learning through song.

Persephone wants to honor teachers and all the hard work they do, so at the September Kids Club we will be collecting supplies for classrooms in high-needs schools in the Gilbert area. Please help by donating items from the Teachers Wish List below!

Teachers Wish List:

  • 24 Crayola Packs

  • Backpacks

  • Headphones

  • Expo Dry Erase Markers

  • Pocket Folders 

  • Disinfecting Wipes

  • Reusable Water Bottles

  • Glue Sticks

  • #2 Pencils

  • Wide Rule Composition Books


Can't make it to Kids Club? You can drop off items now through September 13 at any of the locations below:

Dillard's - Kids' Shoes Department 
Kona Grill
Pura Vida 


Kids Club is taking a break this Fall.
Stay tuned for upcoming Holiday events with Persephone!


It's so exciting to know that by mid-September you can start planting your flowers and vegetables for the winter. Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. Perhaps you can have some fun and plant a garden too!

Some plants are even musical. Have you ever heard of a gourd? If you plant the seeds early in the spring, they will grow to be very big. After the green plant part dies, the gourds, which are the fruit of the plant, remains and dries out. This makes the seeds inside move around, making a great sound. You can even make a beaded cover to put outside the instrument to make it sound REALLY loud.

Once you get out in your garden, you will find that there's a lot of things that grow that make great sounds. Try hitting two sticks together, for instance. Rhythm sticks from a tree can keep the beat for dancing feet.

Arizona has many trees and vines that produce large seed pods. If you dry those seed pods and give them a shake, you can pretend you're a rattlesnake. You can dry seed pods by laying them out in the sun if they have not dried on the plant or tree. Shake them! They sound pretty cool!

The middle of September is the perfect time to plant some basil, peppers, lots of fall flowers, and much more!

Here are some of my favorite songs I love to sing when I'm gardening.

  • The Green Grass Grows All Around

  • De Colores

  • Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow

  • The Mulberry Bush

It's gardening fun for everyone... a beautiful garden makes you want to sing. Lots of joy it surely brings!

Persephone has a brand new silly and cute special friend she can't wait to introduce you to next month...



See you soon!

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